About us

As a dyed-in-the-wool classic fanatic I know how enjoyable it is to build, show and drive your classic yourself.
This requires passion, dirty hands, hunts for affordable parts and unprecedented levels of motivation. This obsession leads to lists every night with parts that are needed and already thinking, as you go to bed, about what you will tinker with tomorrow.
It is this passion that led me to start Derby Classics. I want this business to help make everyone's passion accessible whilst keeping 'Freude am Fahren' at the heart.

Some examples where we can help:

  • Purchase inspection and advice
  • Tuning: both 'in period' and complete restomods
  • Upgrade the chassis
  • Maintenance
  • Supply of parts
  • Help and advice on any cool project

We have a strong specialism in classic BMWs, including (but not limited to): 2002, e21, Neue Klasse, e30, e3 and e9.
We can carry out projects independently or you can lend a hand.